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Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar

Research Organized by Subject Area

Life-long financial security

Retail trading

Real estate

Behavioral and social finance

Consumer finance

Financial institutions and fintech

Select Publications

[1] “Dynamic Inconsistency in Risky Choice: Evidence from the Lab and Field,” (w/ Iliewa, Imas, and Weber)

American Economic Review, Forthcoming.

[2] “Shale Shocked: Cash Windfalls and Household Debt Repayment,” (w/ J.A. Cookson and E. Gilje, 2022)

Journal of Financial Economics, 146(3): 905-931.

[3] “Biased by Choice: How Financial Constraints Can Reduce Financial Mistakes,” (w/ A. Imas, 2022)

Review of Financial Studies, 35(4): 1643-1681.

RFS Rising Scholar Award

[4] “Personal Wealth, Self-Employment, and Business Ownership,” (w/ A. Bellon, J.A. Cookson, & E. Gilje, 2021)

Review of Financial Studies, 34(8): 3935-3975.

[5] “Politicizing Consumer Credit,” (w/ P. Akey and S. Lewellen, 2021)

Journal of Financial Economics, 139(2): 627-655.

[6] “YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” (w/ K. Myrseth and R. Schoenle, 2019)

Journal of Finance, 74(6): 2957-2996.

Dimensional Fund Advisors Distinguished Paper Award

Finalist for TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award

[7] “Should Retail Investors’ Leverage Be Limited?” (w/ A. Simsek, 2019)

Journal of Financial Economics, 132(3): 1-21. Lead article.

Best paper finalist in Asset Pricing at SFS Cavalcade

[8] “Growing Up Without Finance,” (w/ J. Brown and J.A. Cookson, 2019)

Journal of Financial Economics, 134(3): 591-616.

In Financial Times list of business school research with social impact

Finalist for TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award

[9] “Law and Finance Matter: Lessons from Externally Imposed Courts,” (w/ J. Brown and J.A. Cookson, 2017)

Review of Financial Studies, 30(3): 1019-1051.

Best paper winner at FMA 2015

[10] “Peer Pressure: Social Interaction and the Disposition Effect,” (2016)

Review of Financial Studies, 29(11): 3177-3209.

Other Publications and Writings, and Lightly Refereed Research

[11] "Navigating Credit Bureau Data: Field Notes for Researchers," (2024)

SSRN Working Paper 4891923

[12] "Subjective Beliefs, Saving, and Spending for Retirement," (2024)

Working paper prepared for 2024 Wharton Pension Research Council Symposium

[13] “Uncertainty Shocks and Personal Investment: Evidence from a Global Brokerage,” (w/ S. Kogan and N. Xu)

Inquire Europe Working Paper 2022

[14] “Courting Economic Development,” (w/ J. Brown and J.A. Cookson, 2017)

World Bank Economic Review, 30(3): S176-S187.

[15] “Facebook Finance: How Social Interaction Propagates Active Investing,” (w/ D. Simon, 2015)

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Working Paper Series, No. 1522.

[16] “Friends Do Let Friends Buy Stocks Actively,” (2014)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Issue on Empirical Behavioral Finance, 107B(11): 527-540.

Working Papers and Works in Progress

[17] “Using High-Frequency Evaluations to Estimate Disparate Treatment: Evidence from Loan Officers,” (w/ M. Giacoletti and E. Yu)

Best paper winner at MFA 2021

R&R, Review of Financial Studies

[18] “The Financial Restitution Gap in Consumer Finance: Insights from Complaints Filed with the CFPB,” (w/ C. Haendler)

Media: MarketWatch, Business Scholarship Podcast

[19] “Pushing Boundaries: Political Redistricting and Consumer Credit,” (w/ P. Akey, C. Dobridge, & S. Lewellen)

Media: NPR Morning Edition Segment, Bloomberg

[20] “The Motives for Bequests: Empirical Facts and Life-cycle Implications,” (w/ X. Li)

[21] “The Wealth Draw-down of the Fabulously Rich: Insights from Private Family Foundations,” (w/ C. Ahn)

[22] “Single Family REITs and Local Housing Markets, “(w/ Giacoletti, Li, and Yu)

Policy Publications

“Are People Overconfident about Avoiding COVID-19?” (w/ H. Liu and X. Zhang)

FRB-NY Liberty Street Economics, October 2020.

Intergenerational Homeownership and Mortgage Distress.” (w/ N. Fritsch)

FRB-CLE Economic Commentary, June 2020.

Geographic Mobility and Consumer Financial Health: Evidence from Oil Production Boom Towns.” (w/ T. Stehulak, C. Treanor)

FRB-CLE Economic Commentary, 2016.

“Assessing Consumer Confidence with Google Search Terms.” (w/ D. Kolliner and T. Stehulak)

FRB-CLE Economic Trends, 2015.

“Uncovering the Demand for Housing Using Internet Search Volume.” (w/ D. Kolliner and T. Stehulak)

FRB-CLE Economic Trends, 2015.

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