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Select references in the written press

How to Make Peace With Your Stock Market Losses.” Wall Street Journal, Intelligent Investor

How growing up in a bank desert can hurt your credit for the rest of your life.” PBS Newhour

“People think they are less at risk from the coronavirus than the general public.” New York Times

Black Americans suffered the most under Trump-era consumer-protection agency” MarketWatch

Are ETFs safe... for retail investors?” MarketWatch
Academic focus limits business schools’ contribution to society,” Financial Times
Amateur Investors Are Making Risky Bets That Could Wipe Them Out,” Bloomberg News
Should Retail Investors’ Leverage Be Limited?” Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Retail investor leverage and speculation,” VoxEU

"SCOTUS, For Now, Largely Chooses to Punt on Partisan Gerrymandering," Forbes

How People’s Visions of Their own Mortality Affect Financial Decision Making,” MarketWatch

Behavioral Economics Isn’t Dead Yet,” Bloomberg

Shifting Gears From Saving to Spending in Retirement,” Kiplinger and Yahoo Finance

Cracks in the Anti-Behavioral Dam?” Noahpinion Blog

"More power for US politicians reduces credit in their states," Central Banking

How Social Media Boosts Trading – Without Helping Traders,” TheStreet

Traders Love a Winner’s Tale and Ignore the Cautionary Ones,” Quartz

Currency Trading: Learn From Your Losses,” Wall Street Journal, Intelligent Investor

On the airwaves 

Partisan gerrymandering can reduce access to credit, study finds.” NPR Marketplace Morning Report

Charlotte Haendler and Rawley Heimer on Financial-Services Complaints.” Business Scholarship Podcast

"In Gerrymandered Districts, Constituents Likely To Lose Economic Security," NPR Morning Edition

Trade publications

How Shark Attacks and our Mortality Beliefs Impact our Savings Behavior,” DC Matters

Swimming with Sharks: Is our fear of sharks causing us to undersave?” Project M (Allianz)

YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” Retirement Income Industry Association, Webinar

“YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” 2016 annual Academic Forum of the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) at Goldman Sachs

YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” International Center for Pension Management (ICPM) Discussion Forum

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