Rawley Heimer studies individuals' financial decisions in risky asset markets and conventional debt markets. Some of his research shows that social networks and low probability events are crucial in developing distorted beliefs, leading to trading mistakes and other costly financial errors. He also studies how political and legal institutions affect households' access to credit.  

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Select Publications
[1] Biased By Choice: How Financial Constraints Can Reduce Financial Mistakes 
Review of Financial Studies. Forthcoming. (w/ Imas) [+ bibtex]
[2] Personal Wealth, Self-Employment, and Business Ownership
Review of Financial Studies. Forthcoming. (w/ BellonCookson, and Gilje)  [+ bibtex] 
[3] Politicizing Consumer Credit
Journal of Financial Economics. (2021) 139(2): 627-655. (w/ Akey and Lewellen)  [+ bibtex]
[+ Link to code to create "specification curve" using HMDA data]
[4] YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles
Journal of Finance. (2019) 74(6): 2957-2996. (w/ Myrseth and Schoenle)  [+ bibtex]
Dimension Fund Advisors Distinguished Paper Award
Finalist for TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award
[ + Link to replication codes and data]
[5] Growing Up Without Finance  
Journal of Financial Economics. (2019) 134(3): 591-616. (w/ Brown and Cookson)  [+ bibtex]
In Financial Times list of business research with social impact
[6] Should Retail Investors' Leverage Be Limited?
Journal of Financial Economics. (2019) 132(3): 1-21. Lead article. (w/ Simsek)  [+ bibtex]

This paper was previously called: "Can Leverage Constraints Make (Some) Investors Better Off?"

Best Paper Award finalist in Asset Pricing at SFS Cavalcade

[+ Link to monthly panel data on brokerage capital]

[7] Law and Finance Matter: Lessons From Externally Imposed Courts 
Review of Financial Studies. (2017) 30(3): 1019-1051. (w/ Brown and Cookson)  [+ bibtex]
Best Paper Award in Financial Markets and Institutions at FMA Annual Meetings
[8] Peer Pressure: Social Interaction and the Disposition Effect
Review of Financial Studies. (2016) 29(11): 3177-3209.  [+ bibtex]
Working Papers

[9] Dynamic Inconsistency in Risky Choice: Evidence from the Lab and Field
(w/ Iliewa, Imas, and Weber)  [+ bibtex]
People systematically deviate from their risk-taking strategies when confronted with sequences of gambles. We present evidence from modifications to traders' limit orders and pre-registered laboratory experiments.

R&R, American Economic Review

[10] Shale Shocked: Cash Windfalls and Household Debt Repayment
(w/ Cookson and Gilje)  [+ bibtex]
We connect $14.6 billion in royalty payments from the fracking boom over 11 years to consumer credit outcomes. Debt repayment rates and consumption responses depend on household credit conditions.

R&R, Journal of Financial Economics

[11] Using High-Frequency Evaluations to Estimate Discrimination: Evidence from Mortgage Loan Officers
(w/ Giacoletti and Yu)  [+ bibtex]
The approval gap for Black mortgage applicants is close to zero at the end of any given month when loan officers need to meet their origination volume quotas. Innovations to mortgage markets, such as FinTech and market concentration, do not eliminate human biases in decision-making.

Best paper winner in Financial Institutions at MFA 2021

[12] The Financial Restitution Gap in Consumer Finance: Insights from Filings with the CFPB
(w/ Haendler)  [+ bibtex]
Low-income and Black individuals are 30% less likely to receive financial restitution from companies when they file complaints to the CFPB. The restitution gap is likely caused by companies' responses to changes in the political environment.
Media: MarketWatch, Business Scholarship Podcast

[13] Pushing Boundaries: Political Redistricting and Consumer Credit
(w/ Akey, Dobridge, and Lewellen)  [+ bibtex]
Consumers residing in gerrymandered Congressional districts have lost access to credit over the past two decades. Political redistricting can disenfranchise voters, thereby reducing politicians' incentive to advocate for goods and services for their constituents.
Media: NPR Morning Edition 

[14] Uncertainty Shocks and Personal Investment: Evidence from a Global Brokerage
(w/ Kogan and Xu)  [+ bibtex]
Other Publications and Lightly-refereed Research
[15] Courting Economic Development
World Bank Economic Review. (2017) 30(3): S176-S187. (w/ Brown and Cookson)  [+ bibtex] 

[16] Facebook Finance: How Social Interaction Propagates Active Investing
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Working Paper Series, (2015) No. 1522. (w/ Simon)  [+ bibtex] 

[17] Friends Do Let Friends Buy Stocks Actively
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. (2014) 107B(11): 527-540.  [+ bibtex]

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Media Coverage and Trade Publications

Charlotte Haendler and Rawley Heimer on Financial-Services Complaints.” Business Scholarship Podcast

Black Americans suffered the most under Trump-era consumer-protection agency” MarketWatch

Are ETFs safe... for retail investors?” MarketWatch
Academic focus limits business schools’ contribution to society,” Financial Times
Amateur Investors Are Making Risky Bets That Could Wipe Them Out,” Bloomberg News
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Retail investor leverage and speculation,” VoxEU

"SCOTUS, For Now, Largely Chooses to Punt on Partisan Gerrymandering," Forbes

"In Gerrymandered Districts, Constituents Likely To Lose Economic Security," NPR Morning Edition

How People’s Visions of Their own Mortality Affect Financial Decision Making,” MarketWatch

Behavioral Economics Isn’t Dead Yet,” Bloomberg

Shifting Gears From Saving to Spending in Retirement,” Kiplinger and Yahoo Finance

How Shark Attacks and our Mortality Beliefs Impact our Savings Behavior,” DC Matters

Swimming with Sharks: Is our fear of sharks causing us to undersave?” Project M (Allianz)

YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” Retirement Income Industry Association, Webinar

“YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” 2016 annual Academic Forum of the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) at Goldman Sachs

YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles,” International Center for Pension Management (ICPM) Discussion Forum

Cracks in the Anti-Behavioral Dam?” Noahpinion Blog

"More power for US politicians reduces credit in their states," Central Banking

How Social Media Boosts Trading – Without Helping Traders,” TheStreet

Traders Love a Winner’s Tale and Ignore the Cautionary Ones,” Quartz

Currency Trading: Learn From Your Losses,” Wall Street Journal, Intelligent Investor


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